Sunday, January 13, 2008

Umpiring, Monkeys and racism!!! Sigh!

About poor umpiring standards in current cricketing world, almost an year back, I wrote this: and I am still of the same opinion. Its a nice feeling to stand vindicated - however, the ICC still does not see the light!

About racism, I think Bhajji deserves the stick if he has actually racially abused Symmo. However, so do the Arrogant (and unfair) Aussies for the way they have played the game for last couple of years. If Rashid Latif got suspended by ICC when he was captaining Pakistan and appealed for a catch he had not taken cleanly, why does Ponting always get away? When will the double standards of ICC stop?

Anil Kumble epitomised the cricket world's view when he said that only one team played in the right spirit of the game!

Can we have some cricket on the ground please?