Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Mystery Man Mendis!!!

He came, he saw and he conquered!!!
Ajantha Mendis might become the man a lot of Indian olympians would like to thank. The emotional cricket followers of the country just might desert the sinking Indian cricket ship (while the Mendis-phobia lasts for the famed Indian line-up) and watch the Bejing Olympics instead! Wishful thinking? May be, but the Indians are playing the spin in such a way as if they have never encountered spin before.
Yes, I feel that while the Indian batsmen appear to have forgotten how to play spin, the credit does undoubtedly go to Mendis and the way he made all the great batsmen around him crumble, time and again. My verdict after watching him (not so closely) Ajantha Mendis is that he is good. May not be as good as Murali (who can be?), but he is here to stay and he is a real threat on SL pitches more than anyone else. He is cool and he is a killer. He has a clean action and nothing to fear. Call it the carrom ball or anything else, Mendis rocks!
As far as the 2nd test Day 1 goes, Sehwag rocked too! And how? This was anotherSehwag special and this went on to prove how Sehwag should always be inm the team, irrespective of his failures at times. Just like Sehwag, another player who should be in playign eleven for India is Irfan Pathan. Someone needs to get that lad back to where he started.
Well, what can one say about Dravid, Ganguly and Tendulkar? Two failures on a trot doesn't mean much in the long journey of cricket that they have played, and they are definitely going to hit back sooner if not later...but that does not take away the shine from the Mendis-Murali combo rocking the Indian boat led by Kumble.
For me, the real failure in test 1 was that of Indian bowling on the same track where Murali-Mendis played havoc. Kumble with all his experience and Bhajji with all his aggression (and nothing else, really - I continue to wonder why he is in the Indian team for so long at all) came out a complete zero!!! :-(
Let's wait and watch how the 2nd test goes!