Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dada says Tata!!!

Last week, Tata said Tata to Bengal and today the Bengal Tiger said Tata to Indian Cricket!!!

This one was a bolt out of the blue - It came out of nowhere as a 'and by the way....' sheepish announcement from the man himself.
I am sure this is a huge news! Not only for Kolkatta, or Bengal, or India but for the World Cricket! The whole cricketing world is already talking about it and whether it was a forced retirement or a voluntary one.

I did not like the way he announced "This is my last series... I have decided to quit". He looked stiff / bitter and sounded glum till he let out a small wry smile at the end of the sentence.
But still, I want to believe that Dada took his own decision looking at the overall Indian Cricket situation and I like it! I like it that he took this brave decision and I am sure this decision is going to make him look good in the average cricket fan's eyes. A masterstroke from Dada?
The man has had his flaws, but so has every man who lived on this earth and enough dirt has been thrown on Dada in public by the amazingly unforgiving Indian Cricket Fans and media.

All said and done, the most aggressive captain India has ever seen, is saying farewell.
Time to say "Thank you Dada" for many great memories, victories, pure cricketing joy and an all out entertainment for almost 15 years!

Happy Durga Puja!
PS: And I thought that Sachin is going to announce his retirement after Australia series after giving it his best shot....