Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cricket: Turning a new leaf

Finally, I am glad that those who run cricket have shown some spunk in announcing the experimental implementation of refarrals. A batting team can now ask for 3 decisions to be reviewed by 3rd TV umpire if it disagrees with the on-field umpires.
It is such a joy and relief to stand vindicated.

Despite a promising start, here are a couple of things I want to happen as we go ahead:
1) Why only the batting side, even bowling side should be allowed for referrals in the matches
2) Why only 3 decisions, should be as many as required.

I am sure that going forward these improvements will be imlemented, and rightly so.

Seeing the brighter sides of international cricket in this post, here are 2 more:
1) I am glad that KP's stance is allowed by MCC.
2) Windies showed amazing spunk in fighting the Aussies and Chanderpaul has been superb!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sports and Villians.

It has been a super sporting month so far!
Just concluded tri-series was interesting and keenly contested with a deserved Pakistan winning it, Eng and NZ are playing some amazing cricket and Lee inspired Aussie fightback has been terrific against the West Indies at home!

And I haven'e even talked about the just concluded French open and the ongoing Euro 2008 which has been simply superb so far although my favourites France were bamboozled by the rampaging Dutch 4-1!

This makes me wonder what Bollywood's Bad Boys would say about this overdose of sports.

Gabbar would probably put it : " Aankhe 2, aur match itne saare......Bahot na-insaafi hai"

Mogambo might still say" Mogambo, Khush hua"

And since I share my name with another Bollywood villian, I kinda agree with both! :-)
Lage Raho!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Sorry for the inactivity on this blog for some months now, was totally kept busy on the professional front by the demanding client and the application deliveries !!!

Having said that, I haven't missed all the action and controversies in the thick of it of the ongoing IPL!!!

It has been superb show , to say the least, and thankfully hasn't remained showbiz but has had all fast track ingredients of cricket stamped all over it.

The Shauns, Shanes and the unknown Indian/international talent on show has surely changed the way cricket is played lover and given a great chance to those who always deserved it, but never got a chance due to non cricketing reasons.

I have been thrilled by many of the cricketers, not to mention the cheerleaders doing their bit!

Today being the final, it is a clash of the clinical Rajasthan Royals vs the Super Kings led by Dhoni. With Smith not playing, I'd think Chennai has some edge, but T20 has thrown the Deccan Chargers out against all possible odds showing that there is no logic based on reputations and past performances!

Three cheers to IPL and waiting to watch who gets the crown today!!!