Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cricket: Turning a new leaf

Finally, I am glad that those who run cricket have shown some spunk in announcing the experimental implementation of refarrals. A batting team can now ask for 3 decisions to be reviewed by 3rd TV umpire if it disagrees with the on-field umpires.
It is such a joy and relief to stand vindicated.

Despite a promising start, here are a couple of things I want to happen as we go ahead:
1) Why only the batting side, even bowling side should be allowed for referrals in the matches
2) Why only 3 decisions, should be as many as required.

I am sure that going forward these improvements will be imlemented, and rightly so.

Seeing the brighter sides of international cricket in this post, here are 2 more:
1) I am glad that KP's stance is allowed by MCC.
2) Windies showed amazing spunk in fighting the Aussies and Chanderpaul has been superb!


abhijit said...

Hi Ranjeet,
Plz write about Mendes mania:-)

I don't think he would trouble us for ever. Once our players are able to read his deliveries, he won't look that dangerous.

I think our heroes took him very lightly, and he took us very seriously:-)

One of my cricket-buff friends is writing a post on this subject. Will forward the same to you soon.

Keep blogging...

Ranjeet said...

Hi Abhjit,

I think Mendis is good. In fact he was extremely effective on the spinning track where our Kumble-Bhajji were total failures. He continues to impresss me and I think he definitely is an asset. Along with Murali, he is a bigger threat to batsmen world over, especially on spining tracks!

abhijit said...

Ranjeet, i think even bowlers have an advantage of referrals.

Ranjeet said...

Yes Abhijit, you are right!