Sunday, May 29, 2011

BCCI's Business

BCCI struggles to fit the 'fit' 11 to board the flight to WI. Short-sightedness or too much greed or complete carelessness about the players?
I think all of these and the root cause is the way BCCI runs its business.
It's a shame that for a fantastic business that BCCI has in this country, it is so grossly mis-managed (understatement of the century may be) and survives solely due to the monopoly it enjoys in this country of over a billion customers!
Adage goes "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Nothing proves this more than the BCCI mess.
BCCI has upon itself to plan the domestic tournaments, international tournaments, and IPL extravaganza. These are business commitments that it makes to its customers. When you are running a business where demand far outstrips the supply, the key is to manage inventory of resources.
It is a business of providing service and hence all the more important to keep its customers happy. However, its services are based on human resources and hence also important to keep those resources happy and fit to serve its business interests. Considering that each business commitment is equally important for all the stakeholders.
It is running the business similar to a lot of Indian IT service companies - who in order to get more business, overcommit and then exploit the resources to meet those business commitments. Exploited resources often underperform eventually not satisfying the customer's business plans. Failure written all over the way BCCI conducts its business.
That 'Survival' and 'Profit' are the only two drivers for any business is well known but solely focusing on profit in short term often can lead to survival issues in the long run.
Administration is one thing and management another.
When will BCCI learn this or rather when will BCCI 'want' to learn this?
One hopes soon.