Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sports and Villians.

It has been a super sporting month so far!
Just concluded tri-series was interesting and keenly contested with a deserved Pakistan winning it, Eng and NZ are playing some amazing cricket and Lee inspired Aussie fightback has been terrific against the West Indies at home!

And I haven'e even talked about the just concluded French open and the ongoing Euro 2008 which has been simply superb so far although my favourites France were bamboozled by the rampaging Dutch 4-1!

This makes me wonder what Bollywood's Bad Boys would say about this overdose of sports.

Gabbar would probably put it : " Aankhe 2, aur match itne saare......Bahot na-insaafi hai"

Mogambo might still say" Mogambo, Khush hua"

And since I share my name with another Bollywood villian, I kinda agree with both! :-)
Lage Raho!

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