Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bagladesh Are On a Roll!

They are having a dream run, aren't they?

It is 17 overs into India's batting and they have removed Sehwag, Uthappa and Tendulkar already. India are at 51/3!!!

And this is apart from the fact that there were numerous other appeals which were turned down and so many times the bowl beat the ball!

Awesome stuff from Bangladeshis and Horrific display by Indians!!!

I, for one, refuse to believe / blame pitch for everything. I believe that often, a bowler bowls as good as the batsman allows him to be.

In this case, we started off with some lovely deliveries from Mortaza and then Ganguly gave another maiden. All these slow runs and wickets falling at other end will eventually tighten the noose around batting line up - is something that an ordinary cricket fan like me understands - wonder why this thought doesnt cross the great cricketing brains that Indians have!

Of those who are remaining, Ganguly is batting slower than Dravid ever batted and Dravid is batting like Dravid does in Test Cricket.

My god, and this is the batting display against Bangladesh, you can imagine what happens to Indians when Ntini runs in to bowl or when they face McGrath and Bond!

Wonderful performance by new ball bowlers of Bangladesh, hats off to them!!!

Unless someone shows guts to hold the bull by horns by hitting them out of boundary, this will end up being another pathetic display by Indians.


Cuckoo said...

India 98/4 in 33 overs. Ganguly on 41. Pathetic situation !!

Murtaza was really good.

Ranjeet Adkar said...

For a change, I am glad that I am not able to watch our match on TV today! :-)