Saturday, March 31, 2007

Deja Vu

Banglas created the biggest upset in the history of ODIs when they defeated the World Champions in 2005.

If they do it again, it will be the cream on top of the thrilling world cup cake we have had so far!

Of course, Australians had played meekly in that game with Gilchrist falling for a duck and Ponting scoring only 1 off 16 balls he faced(Can you believe it?) - Aussie attack was led by Kasprowitz and Gillespie and admittedly, it was not the best team they could have played. Symonds was punished and dropped for drinking a lot earlier night and Lee was injured. Still, Aussies managed a 249 which was tough for any opposition considering Aussie defense.
Mohd Ashraful, will he ever forget that match in his whole life??? Who will?
He scored a maiden century to take his team to unbelievable victory!!!

If there was a time that I liked Ponting, it was here when he said after the match "This is probably one of the biggest upsets in the history of cricket, and my worst defeat as captain."

If only Indians were so open in admitting their own failures as players and captains, we would have respected them more.

Go Bangladesh, Go!!! Feel the "Deja Vu!"

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