Friday, March 23, 2007

India vs Sri Lanka - A Perspective!

Friday, March 23rd 2007 - It is going to be a Big Day as it will host one of the most awaited matches in recent times - a Do-Or-Die match for India against the in-form Lankans in the World Cup!

Predictions are easy to make and do not serve much purpose except entertainment. So let us keep them aside (for a while) and talk about some ground realities.

Sri Lankans suddenly appear very solid after their brilliant all round performance against Bangladesh.

Jayasuriya is in form, Tharanga is a awaiting a big innings, Jayawardhane is leading from front, Sangakkara is one of the best keepers in the world today, Silva reminds people of Aravinda, Russel Arnold is a live wire while batting and fielding, Mahroof and Malinga are swinging it well, Vaas and Murali are the potent weapons against Indians at all times. And there is no place for Marvan Atapattu!

Whew.....sounds tough to beat them after being beaten by Bangladesh, doesn't it?

Coming to Indian side, the team lacks a leader who binds them together and leads from front. The team must be low on confidence after the Bangla beating. Sehwag has been in the worst slumps of his career, Tendulkar, ditto. Uthappa has not crossed double figures in the world cup, Dravid has not done anything spectacular in this world cup. Kumble is a great bowler but he has not been able to take a single SL wicket in last 4 matches they played! Agarkar is the 'hit me' boy against Jayasuriya and other left handers, Ganguly, Yuvraj and Dhoni are the only saving graces for this Indian team which suddenly looks so fragile! But none of these three have been match winners in recent past!

Damn! It sounds like it will be tougher and tougher as we read through these passages, doesn't it?

If Bangladesh would have thought the same way before the match against India, they would have been despondent even before the match!

So, let us not forget that this is the One Day International in the game of cricket, where you can take nothing for certain!

Yesterdays don't matter and no one knows about tomorrow. It is only today that matters - The day of match when every prediction can go topsy-turvy, every wise man can look like a fool - such are the glorious uncertainties of this wonderful game!

So, the simple formula, as everyone knows is - the team which plays better on the day will win. Both the teams have talent, experience, skills to win against any other country.

It can be one performance which can turn the fortunes of a nation around! Whose performance will it be?

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