Saturday, March 24, 2007

Indian Batting against SL: Post Mortem

I do not do post mortems of imaginary things.

Indian batting did not exist today.

"Spineless" is the only word.

Sachin Tendulkar, pack up.

Pack up now or else be ready to lose whatever little respect I still have for you.
(Image Source: Cricinfo)


Sigma said...

Ranjeet, thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you more often.

I see that you have a keen interest in cricket :-)

Checking out your photos now ...

Mumbai Guy said...

To see Harbhajan scoring runs than many batting legends combined was pathetic.

And why would Dravid comit the folly of putting someone to bat first even after winning the toss.

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm... no words to say anything.

Putting them to bat & not capitalizing. Not done. :((

And then failing to score 250 odd runs ?

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Sigma: I will surely keep dropping in, I love Gazals and photography, both!

Mumbai Guy: Thanks for dropping by! You said it, the batting was pathetic! I wouldn't fault dravid on choosing to field actually, the reason being in the last 9 matches, the team batting second has won 8 times - and one can never blame defeat on toss because it is never in one's hands, hat is in your hands is either wood or leather!

I will actually blame only the batting (or lack of it) and not the bowling. Bowlers did a decent job actually stoping the marauding Lankans, gettig dangerous people out and stopping them to a totally gettable total. But the batsmen carved in like a pack of cards (Siddhuism!) - I am only glad that I did not get to watch the match live ! This was almost a repeat of the 1996 semis against SL in Kolkatta. Shameful, absolutely shameful!

Mukund said...

Indian team: Love thy neighbours (Bangla Desh and Sri Lanka)

Abhijit said...

'Spineless' is still a better word. someone please suggest a word below that level.

Even after winning the toss and despite playing with 7 reputed (?) batsmen, we went for bowling first. That's sheer fear of failure! We lost the game there itself!

Harbhajan is good for nothing!

I really wish sachin retires with a great dignity soon. or else hez goinna have tough time from his own people.

Dhoni should take care of his game first, and then his hair style. what say?

Rahul, Sourav played well through out the 3 matches....but at what speed? Damn slow game...!

Lalu Prasad would have proved to be a better captain. Dravid is too 'submissive'!

It wd b a waste a time to talk abt Mayur Sehwag!

Best of luck India, for WorldCup 2011 :-)

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Mukund: :-) I wish the neighbours also had the same policy!

Abhijit: You have summed everything up perfectly. Could'nt agree more with you. You know what they will do now? THey will play a series at home and win handsomely to get the fans back! BCCI surely knows how to fool the saying - 'You cant fool all the people at all times"!!!

abhijit said...

sehwag and Dhoni: Murali ne mamoo banaya. They don't deserve to play against Murali.

Uthapa: Take some time but you should know whom to respect and whom to leave. who asked to hit the ball back to Vaas. same ball could be played easily on square side.

Dravid: Lack of fitness. Mental, Physical both. Creativity for Dravid means to put Sachin to bat before him.

Sachin: You were god now you are a human being. Retire before you become food for jokes.

Yuvraj: You said something like you are matured?????

Dada: One bad match after a series of good 5 matches. Law of averages worked at bad time.

Indians bowled really well. Why expect Agarkar to bat? Out of 27 extras 11 are leg byes. Why he continued Tendulkar till his 8 overs. Tharanga was out and Tendulkar's job was done.

If you recollect my comment about team selection, I have said that they will regret the decision to leave POWAR out.

4 specialist openers and no strategy. One all rounder sitting in pavellion. Anil Kumble clicking photoes. Dinesh Karthik just as substitute fielder. Srisanth...I donno what he did..

A bunch of chokers for whom even a match against bangladesh is a crunch situation.

BCCI Team should be asked to play qualifying rounds before next world cup.

One Suggestion: Play a series against pakistan(parallely to world cup) for some players as an opportunity to retire gracefully.

Ranjeet Adkar said...


About Sehwag and Yuvraj failing against Murali, what can one say about the magic Murali spins? But you are right - these guys, being expereinced, should have known better.

He batted extremely well as ODI player in India at home. Not on Outside pitches. A typical Indian problem to which we seem to have no solution.

Failed as a captain to 1) bring confidence and 2) be creative as you rightly mentioned. Should learn lot of things from Ponting and Smith for these 2 things respectively.

Sachin: Yes, I agree with you - soon he will become what Kapil became before retiring.

Yuvraj: Was in great form before the world cup and played well here too, but unfortunately, did not click when it mattered most!

Dada: Yes, one bad match..but a key match and the blame has to be taken sqarely by all the experienced players, including Dada.

I agree with you that bowlers did a good job, that is what I had posted as well. And yes, it was a wrong decision to keep Powar out. However, what could poor Powar have done had our batsmen let him down like they did here?

I actually would have played Dinesh Kartick in place of Uthappa for the last match. He is one hell of a player who gives his best.

I however disagree with your suggestion to give opportunity for some players to retire gracefully. I do not think anyone deserves any more opportunities. As you sow, so you reap!