Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Maximum Number of Sixes In An Innings!

This is one record which has come so close to be broken in this world cup - The maximum number of sixes in an innings!
The record was, till now, held by Ricky Ponting for 8 sixes in the last world cup.

It is now jointly held by a 25 years old promising Pakistan opener Imran Nazir! Nazir hit 8 sixes today in a brilliant batting display against Zimbabwe. That would have brought something to smile about for Pakistan fans.

And so far there are already 4 instances of 7 sixes in an innings:
Jayasuriya against Bangladesh (today)
Yuvraj against Bermuda
Hodge against Netherlands
Gibbs against Netherlands

This record is so close to be broken, yet so far!

I am hoping it will be broken soon and keeping my (six) fingers crossed! :-)

(Image Courtesy : Channel 4)

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