Monday, March 19, 2007

Another dramatic day at the World Cup!

In a day of reactions and pressures that come with shock defeats:

1) Bob Woolmer collapsed and died in his hotel room hours after Pakistan's shocking elimination from the World Cup! Sad news since Woolmer was the one who brough professionalism in this game.

2) Inzamam has resigned from One Day Internationals and will play his last ODI against Zimbabwe on 21st March!

3) Some people in Kolkatta did what they do best in such circumstances!

4) All former players in Pakistan are ashamed of this defeat. It is always easy to point a finger at others after you retire, isnt it? No one is bothered about how they played in those days.

However, for some people, apparently, a world cup defeat doesnt matter much:

Adrew Flintoff was ripped off his vice-captaincy after partying all night with his team mates and almost drowning after this incident.

In other news, Australia expectedly trounced Netherlands in a Hogg and Hodge show. Hodge hit 7 sixes in the match while Hogg took 4 last wickets. In my opinion, when SYmonds returns to the squad, it is Clarke who should make way for him and not Hodge. Looks like Australia are goingto win this world cup with the awesome talent and current form in their line ups. Gilchrist firing away, Ponting in form, Hayden being Hayden, followed by Clarke / Symonds, Hodge, Hussey....what gets better than this? And everyone is getting runs! Out of the 5 highest run getters this WC so far, 3 are Australians!! They are sure stronger to win this cup now than they were when it started!

England finally managed a scrappy win against Canada, and their Man Friday Collingwood came good once again.

Let us wait tomorrow to see whether India can do what is needed and whether Zimbabwe gives any scare to West Indies.

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