Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Woolmer, Inzy and Pakistan

When we thought it could not get any worse, suddenly there are suspicions about Bob Woolmer's deaths. This is nadir of fanaticism in cricket, if at all it is proved to be a foul-play. And this happening for a good person like Bob, it just makes the situation much more sad.

In another interesting piece we are enlightened by the way cricket is politicized in Pakistan!

And all along, we thought Inzy was "The Nice Guy" of Pakistan cricket!

Pakistan cricket never stops to amaze me!

And now, please let this not happen! We dont want Pakistan cricket to go further drown the drain by giving it in hands of such power hungry radical politicians!

I just hope that they get their act together soon. It will serve the nation, the game, and its future much better if they stop all the politics around cricket in Pakistan.

Such abundance of talent and then, such radical and corrupt politicization of the beautiful game!


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