Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finals : Australia vs Sri Lanka

It is Australia in the red corner and Sri Lanka in the blue!!!!

Yes, the Australians have crushed Proteas very comfortably and as expected by all at the beginning of WC, they go on in the finals to meet Lankans.

Almost nobody gave Lankans a chance at the beginning of the WC that they will reach finals, and neither did they fancy themselves is my guess.

Well done to both the finalists!

A preview of the game coming up soon.

PS on Aus-SA game: Why did Smith not bowl himself? The most creative / innovative and thinking captain of the tournament, but will not play in the finals. Sigh.


Amit said...

Goodness, that was quick! You must've posted right after Symmonds hit the last boundary. So Proteas dont have a last laugh after all, huh? Australia, champions for a 3rd time:> They'll also create an interesting stat if they win this time, in that they would've beaten all 3 sub-continent cricketing giants one after the other to win the World Cup.

Btw, what gets written onto this blog after 04/28?

Ranjeet said...

Hi Amit, Yes the proteas didn't have the last laugh - in fact they have almost justified the unfortunate 'choker' tag !

Hey thats a nice stat you put in there - you are right - that will be a small record indeed!

About what gets written after 04/28, I absolutley hope for a thriller after both the listless semis. Whoever wins, the match should be a nail-biting last ball cruncher for me. However, while my heart beats for Lankans, mind suggests otherwise!

Let's wait-n-watch!

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm.. What to say now ?

We all almost know the outcome of WC. Man.. They are too good on the field. Each one of the team members contributes by way of bowling, batting or fielding.

BTW, you have not answered Amit's question which I also asked you sometime back.

What gets written onto this blog after 04/28?.. Bolo, bolo. Eagerly waiting to know. Are you shifting to another blog ?

Ranjeet said...

Oh, I thought Amit was referring to the result after the final match on 04/28.

Well, I started the blog before World Cup and will continue writing my views on cricket like before! :-)

Cuckoo said...

There goes my chance of tagging you ;)

On a serious note, chance to know Ranjeet's views on other things besides cricket.

Seriously, you should start one other than this one.

Ranjeet said...

Thanks Cuckoo, you will always get to know my views in the comments I leave on your posts! :-)