Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kiwis vs Lankans

The best 4 teams of the tournament have finally made it to the semi finals and rightfully so.

The stage is set for the first semi final - to be played between Lankans and Kiwis and it promises to be the match of fighters.

There are obvious players to watch out for in both teams like - Bond, Fleming, Styris, McMillan, Murali, Vaas, Jayasuriya, Sangakarra etc and then there are others who keep a low profile but play when it matters like the Malingas, Silvas and Orams.

But let us face it - on paper and by form - Lankans look to be a better team to win tomorrow.

However, Kiwis are stung badly the defeat against Aussies and will want to get back in a big way. Also, let us not forget that this is the knock out match - everyone is going to give his best - The Kiwis have never won the world cup and if there is a chance, they know that this is the one. Fleming has led by example and will need his team to play out fo their skins idf they have to pull this one through.

Lankans know that they are the best team to put Aussies under pressure if they reach finals and they will want to be the first team from sub-continent to win the WC twice!

Both teams are fighting teams and the only deciding factor is going to be this:

If Kiwis can play Murali better than the way Lankans play Bond, then Kiwis can win this match, otherwise, it will be Lankans in the final.

(Image Source: Google Images)


Cuckoo said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed. :))

Today's match is the real decider. The other semi won't be so exciting I guess.

Ranjeet said...

:-) I am hoping for both semis to be exciting!

Amit said...

But let us face it - on paper and by form - Lankans look to be a better team to win tomorrow.

Looks like tujhi bhavishya-vaani khari thartiy :)

Last 10 overs, 102 runs! Who would've thought SL could take the NZ bowling to the cleaners so?
Can't wait to see how the SL bowling shapes up, I think SL should make it through.

Ranjeet said...
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Ranjeet said...

Amit, I agree with you that Lankans definitely are in the driving seat as of now.

289 is a decent score and Kiwis need to really get a huge start to make a match out of it, otherwise a pressure match and facing Murali, it doesn't get worse than this for most of the batsmen around the world.

Baghuyaat Lanka punha sonyachi honaar ka!!!

Amit said...

Ohh here we go, SL win. For them to harbor any chances to win the finals, their best bet is batting 1st. If Australia bat 1st, SL are sure up chasing an impossible target.

And since you mention sonyachi lanka, here's a joke.
Q: Lankela sonyachi lanka ka mhantaat?
A: Karan lahanpani ravnala 'sonya' mhanayche =))

Ranjeet said...

Amit : :-) Sahi joke aahe.

I agree with you that SL are better off batting first.

However, we have all taken for granted that Aussies will be in the finals, what if Proteas have the last laugh this time?

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. I must appreciate you for backing Proteas.
I would have supported you if the opposition was any other team but not against Aussies. They are too good a team to be beaten unless some miracle happens for the other team.

Ranjeet said...

C'mon Cuckoo, they have done it before and more so than any other team! They even have the world record chase against the Aussies for god's sake! The world survives and thrives on hope! :-)

Cuckoo said...

What do you say now ?

Ranjeet said...

Wait till the fat lady sings!