Wednesday, April 18, 2007

South Africa Crush England

SA rocked and rolled into the semis today, slaughtered England as if England were Netherlands!

Smith led from the front and proved why he is my all-time favourite captain!

This was a do-or-die match for South Africa and Andrew Hall (of all the people) bowled a dream spell - he brings such a value to the team by virtue of being almost unnoticed all-rounder. The ball with which he got Flintoff was a beauty.

South Africans are entering semis on a high. Welcome, Proteas.
Now it will only be just if Sri Lanka become the fourth Semi Finalist. England dobn't deserve to be in the last four anyways.

So it should be Aus-NZ-SL-SA in the semis now - Interesting and wonderful cricket coming our way!



Cuckoo said...

Yeah, I saw the match.

England played poorly. Anyways, they didn't deserve to go in semis.

Ranjeet said...

Yeah - It will be good fun now with all strong teams coming in after SL makes it.

Cuckoo said...

So, who's going to play Aussies in finals ?

NZ or SL ? Now, don't ask me on what basis I'm asking this. :)

Ranjeet said...

Actually all the 3 opponents are good enough to match Aussies inthe finals - and who knows whether Aussies will reach finals for sure?
All that is required is one bad day at office and you never know! :-)