Friday, May 11, 2007

Afro-Asia Cup

In my opinion, Afro-Asia Cup to be held in June in B'lore where the Asia-11 plays Africa-11 for 3 ODIs is not-such-a-good-idea.

Firstly, there is no bonhomie / team-spirit among the players and no patriotic fervor for them to win it - for them, it is simply all money.
Secondly, there is a risk of injury to the players before important tournaments.
Thirdly, 10 out of 11 players in Africa-11 will be South African players - SO why not call it South Africa vs Asia?

If you want to hold such matches for pure entertainment, at least hold an Australia vs RoW or something like that.

Having said that, there will be Women's 20-20 matches just before the time when boys take the field. This, in my books, is a great idea to promote the women's game!

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