Monday, May 7, 2007

Cricket after WC

Pakistan vs SL:
PCB has done it again!
Mohd Asif, of all available players, is the Vice Captain for the tour to Sri Lanka! Yes, yes the same Asif who was under the drugs cloud a couple of months ago and could not make it to the WC because of the same, is now the second leader of the pack!
Why can't they make up their mind on what is right and what is not?

WI vs England:
Samuels is dropped from the squad and I wonder why! Easily one of the few 'correct' players in the WI, is probably being punished for WC effort (or lack of it). Ganga is announced as VC to support Sarawan. I wonder how the team will now fare minus the great Lara!

India vs Bangladesh:
The teams look even - The delightful Ashraful is now the VC of Bangladesh and the first ODI will be played on 10th May. What is to be seen is that who plays in the 11 for India. Will the new guys get a place?


Cuckoo said...

You never leave anything for us to say !!

In today's break-news (they have taken interviews with hidden camera) it came to light that the Indian team was divided in 3 groups during WC.

Sachin's supporters, Saurav's group and the neutral group which was under Dravid. Bhupinder is seen openly accusing Greg Chappel for divide & rule policy. How much is true is yet to be ascertained.

Hope this current team is away from all this politics.
And yes, new guys should get a chance. Keep writing. :)

Ranjeet said...

Hi Cuckoo,

You say that I dont leave anything to say but you are the one through whom I am getting this news!

Thanks for sharing this. :-)

It is always dirty when hidden fights come out in front of public and it leaves public sad and feeling hard-done - such things (fights, not stings) go a long way in diminishing the interest in cricket for a lot of followers.

What will be interesting will be to watch how players and Board react to this, if at all they do. Sad state of affairs indeed. Suddenly PCB looks like a much better board than BCCI!