Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Curious Case of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

There he goes again!

Another good and measured innings from him today saved India the repeat blushes against B'desh.

This man makes me go mad in my head trying to figure him out.

He is a performer everywhere , but failed in both the World Cup matches. He is one player from whom I had great hopes for the WC - "This World Cup is Dhoni's - mark my words" I would say to my friends and on my blog. And all the man got was a paltry 29 runs against the lowly Bermuda and two ducks in key matches!

What is it with the man?

He is the only Indian player full of confidence and has played wonderful cricket before and after the world cup, both in and out of India, but what happened to him at the world cup really perplexes me!
(Image Source: Cricinfo)
PS: The man missed his century today, but I hit mine with this post! :-)


Amit said...

Congratulations on your century! No comments on Dhoni's performances, he should change his name to dhoBi watching the way he bats.

Ranjeet said...

Amit : Thank you.
dhoBi - ह.ह.पू.वा. :-D

Cuckoo said...

Congratulations !! May you score 1000 more before this year-end :P

Dhoni... a man to watch. Once again he proved himself. Bravo !!

Lekin beech mein kya hua malum nahi.

Ranjeet said...

Cuckoo: Thank you. :-D
On Dhoni, I am with you.