Wednesday, August 8, 2007

India's Twenty20 Team

BCCI has announced that Dhoni will be the captain of India's team 20/20 World Cup.

This is a good decision, and one hopes that captaincy does not weigh down heavily on Dhoni's strong shoulders. Yuvraj will be his deputy and I like it that way. Seniority should not always decide the position.

However, I am not entirely convinced with inclusion of Bhajji, but Sehwag should come handy in this tournament. Also, India's luckiest cricketer - Ajit Agarkar - is back again!

What really saddens me is that I see no real 'youngsters' being included in this team - That India's bench strength is so poor that we call back Bhajji, Agarkar and Sehwag is indeed a sad state of affairs. Dig deep into the domestic tournaments and one will see bundle of talents waiting to be picked - but sadly, no one in interested. One can only see two promising youngsters in the entire team - Piyush Chawla and Rohit Sharma. India A team did very well in Kenya recently and there should have been more inclusions from that team.

About Pathan siblings, I did not see any stellar performances from Yusuf in the domestic cricket for him to be picked up for the series but I second the inclusion of Irfan and sincerely hope that he is back to his old swinging ways.

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