Friday, September 21, 2007

India Storms into Twenty20 Semis!

India literally stormed into the semis yesterday by knocking the most in-form team out of the world cup!!!

If the match against England was a fighting one for India to stay in the tournament, yesterday's match against SA was an awesome display of spirit, skill and attitude displayed by Team India.

Rohit Sharma saved the day for India along with MSD - I thought MSD should have come up the order after the collapse instead of sending in a newcomer to face the bullets - but Rohit fared really well and MSD also supported him eventually.

Another observation on MSD is that he is not a risk taking captain - he persists with the tried and tested methods - Even though Joginder was hit in the earlier match, he did not try to change him to give it to Sehwag or Yuvraj in that match. Similarly in yesterday's match Bhajji was hit for 15 runs and he did not try to change things - he persisted and luckily for him, the bowlers delivered. So far, he has not been seen thinking out of box. But these are early days and one hopes that he will improve with time.

One feels sorry for Smith and his team who almost had the cup in their pockets till yesterday - they had played superb cricket throughout the tournament. But this is a cruel game and a great leveller - Lankans and Proteas have learnt it the hard way in this tournament.

RP Singh was my star of the day - superb penetrative bowling by him is what wan the match for India. Pathan was accurate and impressive. Someone needs to talk to Sreesanth and teach him how not to bowl so many wides!!! India also fielded well and catch by Kartik was super too!

The semis are lined up nicely now and the there is a great chance to finals between arch rivals - India and Pakistan OR Australia and NZ. It might as well be India vs NZ and Aus vs Pak in the finals and either ways we haev some great cricket coming up.

Will Indians continue their fighting momentum in the semis against Aussies or will the Aussies steamroll them like they did with another in-form team - Sri Lanka? We will wait and watch!

Like the advertisement of McDonald's says, "I'm Loving It"!

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