Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pakistan - A Mystery!

Pakistan team, Oh Pakistan team – what art thou?

In Test no. 1, you almost defeated SL and in the second test in innings 1 , you were all out for 90! If that was a blip, you followed it up with an awesome fightback going to 285 for 1 and then unexplicably catapulting to 320 all out!!! I don’t think there is any other team in the whole world which is capable of such contrasting display in just a couple of days!
And to think of it, for god’s sake it was (and is) a batting pitch! Kumar Sangakkara’s batting average on this ground is a near 90! And then SL got the winning total of 172 within 32 overs!!!

That makes Nuwan Kulasekara a superman, doesn’t it? He was simply unplayable yesterday and Herath. Tushara bowled very well too. Pakistan all out for 90 by Sri Lanka and then again last 9 wickets in 35 runs in the second innings without Muralitharan in the team!

Add to that the enigma of a reverse sweep reversing fortunes of a match, a nation and history!!!

I think Pakistan teams will always remain the most enigmatic, charismatic and yet mystifying teams that has ever played world cricket.

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