Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some Dope on Doping...

The ICC wants cricketers to be checked for dope.
BCCI does not agree and stands by its players.
Players are sceptical. They say that anti-doping tests when they are playing cricket is fine, but no such tests in non-cricketing season.
The point being contested is as follows:
The new code mandates the establishment of an International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP) of players who are nominated for random testing based on their ICC rankings. Players from this pool have to inform the ICC at the beginning of every quarter (three-month period) of the year, a location and time that they will be available for an hour each day in that quarter for testing. If a player changes his/her schedule in between, then he/she needs to update the whereabouts information to the nodal officer either online or even through SMS. However, if the player is not in the location at the time specified, he/she will have a strike recorded against his name. Three such strikes and the player will have breached the code and can face up to a two-year suspension from the game.
Those in the ICC's testing pool feel that the code infringes on their privacy and personal space, especially during off-season or when they are not playing cricket. They have also raised concerns on a practical level and claim the system has a high risk of catching athletes who are simply not administratively inclined.
(Source: Cricinfo)
FIFA and players like Federer have also raised same concerns.

I think that the players should agree to this rule. There is no point in crying 'breach of privacy' and being high headed demi gods of Indian cricket when all other country players have agreed to it. While you are availing all the benefits that you get by playing ICC tournaments, you need to follow the discipline put by ICC.


Abhijit Dharmadhikari said...

I also think that our players should agree to this rule, as you said! It's a discipline and it is good in the benefit of all.

Abhijit Dharmadhikari said...

Waiting for your post on the last test of Ashes:-) I want England to win.