Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Eating my own words - Yummy

Eating one's own words has never felt so tasty before!

But this world cup, I will be the happiest if all my predictions go haywire and I am forced to eat, nibble, crunch, munch and swallow my own words. And they sure will be tasty to eat.

The reason I will be happy is that it will bring out newer heroes in world cricket, there will be golden goodbyes to others, and stupidest controversies, nail biting finishes, upsets will be the order of the day add to that the immense interest which will flow from all sides of the world.

Today, Ireland almost got the second most favourite team of almost anybody following cricket, on the mat. The match ain't over yet. Last checked, SA were all out for a scratchy 192 and Ireland were 60/2 - Match on, as experts say.

But this interesting match is an eye opener to all the teams in the world cup - and that none can be taken for granted and it is not going to be an easy task for any team.

Bring on the popcorn and the kerchiefs, I say, the drama is about to unfold!

Update: SA barely managed to scrape past Ireland, thanks to all round efforts of Andrew Hall - I still cannot fathom the reasons as to why the one time test match opener for SA comes 6-7 down in their ODI team.

Update 2 (6 March 07): Pakistan 190/6 against Canada in 40 overs!!! India 259 / 7 against netherlands!!!
Amazing - and these are just the warm up matches! It is not only the low scores but also the number of wickets that each of the 'senior' teams has managed to lose against the 'junior' teams that amazes me.

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