Saturday, March 3, 2007

Teams that will NOT win the World Cup 07

Yes, I know it is easier to pick on the Irelands, the Scotlands, the Canadas, the Kenyas and Bangladeshs etc. as teams which will NOT win the world cup - but here I wish to talk about the senior teams - all of whom have the potential to win the cup.

Based on the current forms of the teams, I stick my neck out to declare that following teams will NOT win this world cup:

Sri Lanka: Woefully out of form, Sanath's last hurrah and Sangakarra's brilliance alone can take them to semi finals at the most, that too is unlikely.

Pakistan: The most talented, most scandalous and most in-consistent performing team in the cricketing world simply doesn't have it in them this time around to the world cup.

England: Quite ordinary as a team with notable exceptions of Barmy Army, Flintoff, Pieterson and Collingwood - but that ain't good enough for them to win a world cup- No mates, it just ain't your cup.

New Zealand: Amazing team, the only team to have an outside chance the beat the Aussies apart from South Africans. But they don't play enough cricket elsewhere in the world to really test themselves. They don't look world beaters.


Amrish said...

Teams that wont win the world cup:

India --- No chance mate :-(

N Zealand --- I am not counting them out

Amrish said...

Goes without saying, i will be the happiest to eat my own YUMMY words should India win

Ranjeet Adkar said...


Lol. Lets wait-n-watch man.

Amrish said...

Looks like i will go hungry (i might not get to eat my words)