Friday, March 16, 2007

England vs NZ

(Updates below)
England have been, for long, a side which plays cricket, um...with a stiff upper lip.
This image has changed now with Flintoffs, Pietersons and Collingwoods - (3 lions on the logo shown beside) Yes, these lions do play to win and what a win it is when they win against the Australians.

New Zealand, on the other hand, are always seen as a fighting team, which, sadly, hasn't reached the finals of world cup yet. They too, are fresh from their victory over Australia and loss against Bangladesh( can it get any more ironic?)

So it will be a treat to watch NZ vs England.

Latest: England 34/2 (11.4 ov) with Vaughan and Pieterson still at crease. Kiwi bowlers have bowled beautifully with Franklin and Oram picking wickets and Bond giving away only 10 runs from his 6 overs.

My money in a match involving England, is always on the other side. Not because I dislike the English team or anything but I think they do not have in them enough talent and an agressive spirit to win a match - Go ahead and prove me wrong, mates!

Update 1: England were 209 /7 in 50 overs. However, the Queen's men are unexpectedly showing a fighting spirit and the kiwis have lost their 4th wicket in 16th over when the score is at 75! And guess what? Monty had been introduced to break the 50+ partnership and got the wicket of ever-dangerous McMilan on his only second ball.

Update 2: NZ won comfortably and clinically despite losing 3 wickets under 20. Well done, Kiwis! I like it when I am proved right. :-)


Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. you are right.
Eng 146/7 just says that !

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Yes. And did you see what South Africans are upto? Man-slaughter is the word! In the meanwhile, the Queen's men have taken 2 Kiwi wickets already in fist 2 overs! Ain't the game just amazing?

Amrish said...

Nihar and I had this "match" going with James (you remember the firang client from Koodos?) before the game... Our money on NZ...

The Kiwis are an adorable team... And fiercly competitive this time around... i wont be surprised if they get to the finals... My only concern is Fleming at the top of their line-up. Fleming's been a class bat - but age seems to have caught up rather quickly :-( I hope he proves me wrong... Go Kiwis Go

Cuckoo said...

Sorry I am not coming here as frequently as I should. :)

Hooked to my TV all the time !!

Ranjeet Adkar said...


I remember James, is he still around? Say my 'Hi' to Nihar.

I agree with you on NZ- Fleming of late hasnt been firing for a long time.

Ranjeet Adkar said...


THanks for dropping by whenever you can, I appreciate it.

I wish I as as lucky as you to watch matches live on TV !

Amrish said...

Hey Ranjeet,

James is back home in London... But we are in touch...