Friday, March 16, 2007

The Joke Is No More On The Irish!

Ireland have provided the impetus this world cup needed!

And so, I am not going to laugh at any Irish jokes cracked by Mihir anymore.

What a thriller it was - a third tie in the history of WC and that too featuring Ireland!

I wish I was in India watching the thrillers with all of you - Unfortunately, I am in the US for a couple of months and cannot watch matches on the net from office!!! So I heavily rely on the websites to be updated on a continuous basis.
I was travelling yesterday and missed most of the action in this match! :-(

But I am sure it would have thrilled all those who were lucky and persistent to watch it till the end.

The match has certainly buoyed spirits of the Irish and the Irish Captain Johnston even went on to say " Who knows what might happen against Pakistan!" No comments on that one, Johnston - for if there is one team in world cricket, about which no one ever knows what might happen against them, it is Pakistan.

But this post is about Ireland and about the way they played. Well done, Mates!

For me, World Cup is a cup of Joy.

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