Monday, March 12, 2007

Let the games begin!

Let the World Cup begin!

Let the greens and blues and reds and browns and yellows line this rainbow called the World Cup!

Let the wood hit the leather crisply!

Let the balls crash into the stumps and sail over the boundaries!

Let us all witness the human endurance, grit, talent, intellect and gamesmanship!

Let the best team win!

Let the stumps be carried in hands on victory!

Let the victory be celebrated in pure joy!

Let the defeat be taken in stride!

Let all those playing the glorious game give it their 200%!

Let newer heroes be born and older bow down gracefully!

Let us all watch in awe and acknowledge and applaud the brilliance on the field!

Let us choose our moments and savour them for our lives!

Let us all be a part of this World Cup 2007!


Cuckoo said...

Lovely poem !!
Me too a big fan of cricket.

Gone thru your blog a couple of days back. Nice blog !!

Ranjeet said...

Thanks for your appreciation cukoo, let us sit back and enjoy the world cup!