Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sunny and Ricky

Ah, the swords are out already!

Reuters informs us that Sunny and Ricky have picked up a fight.

Sunny says "They are awesome, but bad-behaved on the field"

Ricky says "Look who is talking? You and your team better get your own act right first"

Both are right, of course.

Both have a right to express their views.

And, we have a right to be entertained! :-)

So we don't mind this little spark that is already ignited - will it turn into a wildfire and go on to inspire some performances (like it did here) or will it die down with a whimper?

Let us get on the sofa, get some pop corn, and watch!


Cuckoo said...

Heyyy I am going to be a regular here. :))

Yeah, true. Both are right and both have right to be right in their own senses.

abhijit.yadav said...

Yeah. Looks like ricky has studied Sunil Gavaskar's past well. But he is forgetting the umpires who forced Sunil to do that. australian umpires can give Sachin tendulkar LBW even if ball hits his head. Any contest is fine. everything is fair in love and war. So this Ricky-Sunil contest is also welcome. Let Ponting talk something more ugly so that indians at carrebians will get inspired.

Ranjeet said...

Abhijit, I agree with you that Aussies have traditionally being arrogant cricketers and administrators (in the post Bradman era)and no one really likes Aussies, especially after Steve Waugh.To be fair, some part of their arrogance comes with ego and supreme confidence.So yes, there is bad that comes with good, someimes.

Milya said...

Hey Ranjit,

Good start man...
Ponting was on fire today. I think it was just a trailer. The whole movie is yet to come. They might reach a score of 500 as said....

Ranjeet said...

Hi Milya,

Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, Aussies are hurt by the Series loss to ENgland and NZ - they are bound to bounce back and Ponting has been in tremendous form all last year...

Amrish said...

I never bother reading anything Sunny-bhai has to say. I think he says it best when he keeps his mouth shut.

His comment about David Hookes is in bad taste. He should be taken to task by world media. To be a fine cricketer is one thing, to be a good human being is another

Booo-hooo sunny

Ranjeet Adkar said...


I prefer not to enter any ongoing fued between 2 people because there are 2 sides to a coin and you never know what is the real truth.

But yes, i agree Sunny has been throwing a lot of loose shots in the air using his mouth.