Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Matthew Hayden

What a Fantabulllastistic Player!

He surely is lighting up the World Cup 2007 like Sachin Tendulkar did in 2003!

Already 2 back-to-back record breaking tremendous centuries in this world cup -the one which promises to be the last one - for the 35 years old.

He debuted for Australia in 1993-94, but was not on a major cricketing radar till the path-breaking tour of India where he amassed a record-breaking 549 runs in 3 match series! (Indian bowlers have always had this knack of getting the other sides' batsmen into form, but that topic will be dealt separately) - And he went on and on breaking all kinds of records, proving that it was not a flash in the pan!

He broke Lara's record of maximum runs in test cricket by hitting 380, for a while, till the great Lara took it back again! He held the maximum runs scored by Australian in a year, till Ponting took it over from him.

But here is a man, who has 20 test centuries from just 55 matches!

A big man, who plays big innings and in big matches!

Raising a toast to this Big Man of Cricket - Will he be the World Cup Player of 2007?


Cuckoo said...

Yes, Look at him and look at our senior players who are a couple of years younger to him. The body language speaks volumes !

Indian bowlers have always had this knack of getting the other sides' batsmen into form.. HA HA.. True.

I agree with you on him being the Player of this WC.

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Hi Cuckoo,

Isn't it surprising how no one talked about him before the World Cup as the player to watch out for? This game is so incredibly surprising and springs out heroes from nowhere like a magician taking out bunnies from his hat!