Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What A Day at the WC

Wow! Australia playing West Indies and South Africa playing Sri Lanka today!!!! It is going to be one hell of a day for cricket fans.

By the looks of it, going by the current progress, World no.1 and 2 are clearly dominating their opponents and the opponents are not putting up the expected fight.

But still, with 3 wickets of SL and WI gone, the fight is now left to Sangakarra/Silva and Lara/Sarwan against SA and Aussies respectively !

In my view, the only man who can stop South Africans from beating Sri Lanka is going to be Murali. And by the looks of it , Aussies will win this one without much of a fight from WI.
But as they say, "it's not all over, till it's all over!"

Let us see whether results are as predicted, or the game springs another surprise on us!

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