Monday, April 16, 2007

Australian Bowling

As I start writing this article, Nathan Bracken is 8-3-9-3 against SL!

I have always spoken about how Australian bowling in this world cup has been their weak link and it is their batting which has won them matches.

However, I am amazed to see how wrong I was - Although the Australian bowlers are inexperienced (with the exception of Glenn McGrath), but they have given this tournament everything they have - Tait has been devastating with his incoming yorkers, Bracken almost has an average better than McGrath's, McGrath himself is the leading wicket taker in this world cup so far and Hogg has been an excellent support, to say the least.

All in all, there are 4 Australian bowlers in the top 8 bowlers of this tournament and this tells a story in itself. The story is that every Australian bowler has bowled his heart out and has been rewarded. One match it is McGrath, the other it is Tait, yet other it is Bracken and then there is Hogg. There is no single dangerous bowler - they are the hunters that hunt as a team.

So now we have an Australian team which is getting everything right as they progress ahead in the tournament. Peaking at the right time, as they say.

Who can stop this Hurricane called Australian Cricket?

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