Sunday, April 15, 2007

कौन बनेगा Semi Finalist?

This World Cup has become an interesting one with the speculations going wild on which teams will seal the semi finals berth.

This is an interesting situation, and keeps the teams, followers and those into betting extremely edgy.

Points as of today are as follows:
Aus: 10
NZ: 10
SL: 8

We have sure shot semi finalists in Australia and New Zealand. Of the remaining teams Sri Lanka need to win one of the matches out of their 2 remaining ones against Aus and Ireland. Assuming that they are able to do so, they become the third semi finalist.

For the fourth semi finalist, the race is really between SA and England. SA have only one match left - against England and they need to win it. If they win the match, they will make it to the semi finals. If England win that one, then England will need to win their last match against the WI too in order to enter the semis.

Now, if SA lose to England, SA stay on 6 points. England proceed to total of 6 points as well.
Then, if England lose to WI, England stay on 6 points. Then it will be left to NRR to decide the fourth semi finalist.

It will be really interesting if England defeat SA and then it will all boil down to the last Super 8's match - that of England vs WI to see who really goes through.

This is getting interesting game by game, it's a thriller, no less!

Who is it going to be? Your guess is as good as mine.


Cuckoo said...

Well, when super 8 was getting formed (after the exit of Pak & India), I had predicted these four and would still like to stick to it... at least for the time being. :))


Ranjeet said...

Hey, guess what? I had predicted the same line up for semis on 1st april here

Btw, before the WC started I had counted SL and NZ as teams which will not win this WC as well. :-)

Cuckoo said...

Very much right you were. They will still not win. :)

Who's going to take 'panga' with Aussies ?

Ranjeet said...

:-) Keeping Fingers Crossed.