Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bangla Tigers Are Over The Moon!

If ever there was an evidence required that Bangladesh have 'arrived', it is here.

The Bangla Tigers have roared high! They have beaten the World No 1 team !

It was a performance that Aussies would be proud of.

They batted well, bowled well and fielded well (2 run outs of South Africans is no mean task).

First they batted extremely well with Ashraful batting wonderfully and then they put SA in a spot by getting quick wickets earlier on...well played!

It is going to be one long, special and festive night in Dhaka. Bheeshon!!!

Take a Bow, Tigers!

(Image Source: Cricinfo)


Rezwan said...

A bunch of young and audacious lads having tremendous passion for cricket well guided by the effective Dav Whatmore can make anything happen on a given day.

They keep the hope of the sub-continent alive. Thanks for your support.

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Hi Rezwan,

Tremendous game, I loved the 'jigar' (spirit) of Bangla cricketers!
People say that "Winning is a habit"
Let us say "Amen"

Malhari said...

I remember Sri Lanks a few years ago.
Even they were Limbu-timbu once upaon a time. The similarity between Lankans and Bangla tigers is the coack..Dave! He is a miraculous coach with a touch if Midas.

But I challange u, he won't be effective with India as he was with Lanka and Bangla desh. We need someone with thicker skin;-)What an irony!!!:-(

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Hi Abhijit, I agree with you 100% because Indian Cricket is ridden with so much politics and start values and egos, that I doubt any coach will be effective under these circumstances.

Cuckoo said...

I fully agree with you guys. :))