Saturday, April 7, 2007

BCCI and it's decisions

Cricinfo informs that "BCCI has come out with a swift and strong' response to India's dismal performance.

I am amazed and appalled!

If 'this' is swift and strong, then pigs do have wings and they fly for sure!

The article goes on to say that "The subject of player earnings appeared to be the main focus of the meeting"...Hello, knock knock - If I had got it right, the subject was supposed to be discussing dismal performance by Indian players and not about their earnings, endorsements etc.

BCCI treasurer further went on to say "By retaining Dravid as captain, we want to send out a signal that there is no cause for panic." Heh!

The article summarizes the decisions taken at the meeting as follows:
  • Rahul Dravid to captain team for next three tours
  • Performance based payment structure
  • Players can do a maximum of 3 endorsements
  • Ravi Shastri appointed Cricket Manager, Venkatesh Prasad as bowling coach, Robin Singh as fielding coach for Bangladesh tour
  • The frequency of under-19 tours will be increased
  • All state associations to have academies to develop young talent by April 2009
  • Cricket advisory committee set up with Sharad Pawar as its head and including seven former captains who attended Friday's meeting
My two-cents on these 'main decisions':
Dravid has been the most non-aggressive and non-innovative captain that India has seen for a long time now. He should have resigned or sacked.

Payment ?- So is there an indication that performances of players were bad because of payments issue? But henceforth if they get paid only based on their performance, then it is good too, but it might open a new can of worms with more importance being given to money and to individual performance than to actual winning of the game.

Endorsements? Again, what have endorsements got to do with performance???

Different Specialist Coaches? Excuse me, but with people having 10-17 yeas of experience, do you think they don't know how to field on a cricket ground??? What will you achieve by increasing power centres of an already disjoint team??? And Venkatesh Prasad, of all the people? The Prasad who was almost slower than Kumble??? Except for the Amir Sohail wicket, he has not added much value to Indian cricket, another lame, non aggressive addition to a team overburdened with some of them already! And there is no single coach to motivate the team in crisis or help the captain in leading the team? Ravi Shastri as a cricket manager??? What are a cricket manager's responsibilities? Is it a job security for Shastri who does not want to be sacked if team does not perform? C'mon guys - who are you fooling here?

Frequency of Under 19 teams: This is a good decision, but will not have much of a say in India cricket's future, because, that, depends on selection committee, you see.

State Academies: This is a joke, it will go to fill someone's pockets and nothing else.

Cricket Advisory Committee: LOL...Ha, ha, ha.

If there was one golden opportunity to clean up Indian cricket, it had come in form of WC debacle, but alas, the powers in place are too busy safeguarding their own vested interests that Indian cricket.

This, I think, answers my earlier question.


MJ said...

Vince McMahon for BCCI President!!!

Ranjeet Adkar said...

:-) Had to Google him up !