Friday, April 20, 2007

Brian Lara Retires!

Oh, No!

This is almost as sad a news as Bob Woolmer's death for ardent cricket followers from all over the world. :-(

The art will suddenly disappear from this game without Lara.

Unbelievable, the world will have to now look for a newer hero, someone who makes the batting look so beautiful and someone who single-handedly takes the game to a new lever everytime he puts himself on the field!

Saturday will be the last time cricket fans from all over the world will watch him take the crease against England.

Hoping for the Last Hurrah!

Thank you for the shuffle at the crease, the back-lift, the posture, thank you for the cover drives, the straight drives, the pulls, the flicks, the sweeps, the hooks, the paddles, the nudges, the defence, the attack, the jaw-dropping records, the humility and the art of it all.

Thank you for bringing music in a game tarnished by million other things, and thank you for ensuring that we still love the game!

Take a bow, Brian Charles Lara!

(Image Source : BBC)

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Hello, Ranjeet!
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