Friday, April 20, 2007

India Team For Bangladesh

Well, to start with, I am happy for the following reasons:

1) Bhajji has 'finally' been dropped! :-)
2) Ditto for Agarkar
3) Tendulkar and Ganguly have been 'rested' - we all know what it really means to rest them after the dismal performance , don't we? (or do we?)
4) Sehwag was 'finally' dropped from tests (I wonder why not from ODIs)
5) Piyush Chawla gets a good opportunity and he has been waiting for a long time - ideal candidate for Tests, but with Kumble around he will have to wait
6) Manoj Tewary gets a look in too - he has been knocking on the doors for a long time - this is good news
7) Dinesh Mongia gets a recall - he is one man who deserves to be in Indian ODI playing 11 at all times - it was stupid not to take him to the WC in the first place
8) Rajesh Pawar the left arm spinner gets an opportunity in Tests - don't know how much effective he can be now. He once combined with Powar in Mumbai side and they were deadly duo.

Some things that worry me:
1) Pathan has been left out due to his form, but I believe he is good enough to be in the team today
2) Kartik is a great chap to be in the team (and I am so glad he is), but expecting him to open in test matches is asking too much.
3) Gautam Gambhir should have been inducted as an opener in Tests too.
4) Rohit Sharma (Mumbai) could have been given an opportunity
5) No one seems to have a clue about what should be done about R P Singh and V R V Singh? Honestly, they don't impress me much
6) Another series in the sub continent - its not going to do any good to Indian cricket - what is required are series to be played on fast and lively pitches - not in the sub continent where one gets a false feeling of confidence and comfort.

Ah - Indian Cricket - You continue to baffle me - I don't understand whether to be happy or to be sad!


Cuckoo said...

I agree with you on almost all the points except these ..

7. Not sure about Dinesh Mongia. He's knocking the doors for too long.
8. Rajesh Pawar- I am not very keen for him as well.

2) Kartik was an opener and a captain before coming to India no 1 team. I think he'll adapt to it very soon.
5) I would like to add Munaf Patel here as well.

But why on earth they've included VVS ? When they are including new blood, I think they should know new blood is capable of making at least equal runs as him and saving more runs than him in fielding.

Ranadeb & Ishant should have been also given the chance. Sehwag should have been rested totally.

What about Suresh Raina & Kaif ? Is their future over ?

Look at the irony.. This is called luck. How many chances Sehwag got in all & how many Kaif despite him being the best fielder ?

Many more pts but I agree.. Don't want to write more.

Aus/ NZ match chalu aahe. ;)

Ranjeet said...

Cuckoo: I completely agree with you on Suresh Raina and Ranadeb - about Kaif, I personally like him and his attitude, but he has failed for too long after being given many chances. (Agreed that the chances he got are nothing compared to what Swehwag is getting )

As for VVS, they may be making it up for him (politics) for excluding him from the WC. Dinesh Mongia is awesom - India lacks aggresive players like him - you should have followed his county stint in UK.

Pawar may not get a chance to actually play and anyways, i care a hoot for all matches played in sub-continent - they mean nothing!(ask Dhoni)

Your Aussies are out blazing all guns...It is actually turning out to be Hayden's WC as we had discussed earlier!