Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shivnarain Chanderpaul

It is sad to see how a really talented batsman like Shivnarain Chanderpaul has wasted his time in playing One Day Internationals when he is really a classic test cricket batsman.

Not only did West Indies suffer for not realizing this fact (or realizing, but not implementing corrective action) but they also almost ended up with a poor poor poor batting effort in every world cup match they played - and the reason was simple - Shivnarain Chanderpaul opened the , took too many balls to score to few a runs and in the process mount the pressure on rest of the line up which just crumbled under that pressure very time they batted.

I said it before , then I repeated it after their 1st match of the WC with:
Chanderpaul was a disaster and managed to get out for a mere 19 from 63 balls !!! I stand vindicated.
and I say it again now.

In fact there is a business case for my argument now. The business case reads as follows:

Out of 15 WI players that batted in this tournament, Chanderpaul came a distant 13th when it came to strike rate!!!

Runs Scored: 281, Balls Faced: 478, Strike Rate: 58.78 !

Not to mention that he has faced maximum number of balls faced by any WI player in this tournament.

You do NOT want someone who gobbles up so many balls after balls and gives out only trickle of runs out to pressurize rest of the batting line up into crumbling and crashing out of the tournament.

The blame for dismal performance of WI lies the most with Chanderpaul and with Lara for not doing anything about Chanderpaul.


Amit said...

I wonder if this is more due to lack of choice than anything. Interestingly Chanderpaul has Always (note the capital A) been a consistent heartburn when he's playing against India.

If he is half the good cricketer anyone thinks he is, he should be able to lift his game and adapt to one day cricket a la Dravid a few years back.

Ranjeet said...

I think he is a good cricketer, but has not (willingly) adjusted his game for One Day Internationals. I agree with you completely that he should adapt like Dravid. But it is too late now. Wonder whether anyone in WI even thinks the way we think - never heard any criticism of his slow batting throughout the series!