Wednesday, April 18, 2007

England And Sachin

Michael Vaughan was as bad as his team in the World Cup, but at least he is a gentleman enough to admit it.

This is what I had expected Sachin to say when he was boo'ed off Wankhede after his suffering at the crease and India's humiliating defeat to the same England team. But instead we got this:
"I thought the issue was blown out of proportion by the media. It wasn't that bad. I have more well wishers than the small section of the crowd at the Wankhede Stadium that day. I have to ignore them. I cannot forget the backing I have got from the people all these years just because of this."


Amit said...

There's so many more people out there who would want Sachin to keep playing more than anyone would want Vaughan to. Sachin has to maintain his brand image. Vested commercial & material interests is the root cause of all this rut.

Ranjeet said...

I don't know man - just don't like the way Sachin has been battniog / talking of late.