Thursday, April 5, 2007

Give Me Some Nails!!!

Thanks to Sri Lanka and their close finishes, I have bitten all my nails off already and we are still in Super 8s!

What a match between England and SL!!! Nixon and Bopara were just amazing and clinical - everything they did was just right and Sri Lankans were frustrated!!!

Then Malinga took out Nixon when they had almost but lost the game and suddenly Lankans were the ones with the upper hand!

Just for the sheer fight that England and Bopara showed, I found myself - rather un-characteristically - rooting for England!

And to his credit, Bopara kept his calm and almost gave England a very un-characteristic victory, but it was not to be - The Lankans, proved yet again that they held the nerves best when it came to crunch situations!

Bravo to both the teams and thank you for the entertainment!!!

MoM should have been given to both Bopara and Fernando!


Cuckoo said...

Good that you are covering up well. :))

Sometimes I am tempted to write but since you are writing everything here, I won't bother myself to write the same thing on my blog. ;)

Keep it up !

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Thanks, Cuckoo!