Wednesday, April 4, 2007

आयला !

The latest outbursts, are only the second time that the great man has ever 'whined' and showed his human side outside the field in his association with Indian cricket for last 17 years.

Has Sachin stopped being the 'goody-goody' poster boy of Indian Cricket?

First and foremost, like millions of Indian fans, every one of the 11 cricketers and the coach have a right to be emotional about their own performances, Sachin is no exception.

I truly believe that greatness of Sachin has been due to not only his tremendous game on the field, but also his excellent behaviour off the field. And I really don't think that Sachin has let his shield down this time.

He did it only once in his entire career so far, and it was when he was denied a well-deserved rare double century by a stupid declaration. He did not even say a word at the height of the ball-tampering controversy when the umpire directly implicated Sachin's intentions! Now, a man will normally have an emotional outburst if his intentions are questioned more than when his attitude is! He kept his mum throughout the match-fixing saga and lived a life above all these controversies.

So this interview by Sachin where he is blaming Chappell for questioning the attitude of players, seems to be a well calculated move on Sachin's part.

Indian public needed to be placated, and only person who touches their hearts and is well and truly above everyone else, is Sachin Tendulkar. He had done it in the past where he asked fans to have faith in bad times, probably at the behest of BCCI.

This time too, the board probably asked Sachin for a statement. A statement which will kill 2 (or more) birds in one stone - let us see which birds BCCI wanted to be killed -

1) Indian fans needed to be placated and faith in Indian team restored.
2) Sympathy is the only practical replacement to anger
3) Chappell needed to be kicked out after paying so much for him
4) There is a need of change in captaincy - and Sachin needs to take it up
5) We will not see seniors sacked from the team - somehow the Indian cricket may not just get the fan following and the money without Sachin, Sourav etc...

hmmm..... any more? We wouldn't know....

Who better than Mr. God Tendulkar to throw that stone and kill all of them with it?

This is my conspiracy theory behind the mask of Gentleman's Game played in Indian power circles.

It sucks, bigtime!!!

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