Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Goodbye, Chappell Kaka!

Says uncle Greg - "I will resign before you sack me"!!!

Whew....this will settle the dust over people criticizing him and baying (rightly) for his blood.

This is a good move by him for his own sake.

However, this in turn, will result into either of the 2 things:
1) Fans will now start looking at players' performance (the lack of it, rather)
2) With Sachin's emotional outburst, fans might sympathize with the players after burning Chappell's ghost and move on with Indian Cricket and life will be backto usual once again (sad, if this happens).

Looks like we might have a now-ready Tendulkar to lead the team, unless Sourav-da takes up the mantle yet again!!! Or is Rahul going to stick around despite the flak? Hot Seat indeed!!!

And about the new coach, who will take the hotter seat? I would hate to see someone lame like Mohinder Amarnath take it up. Sunil Gavaskar is a 2nd Greg Chappell who loves rubbing people the wrong way. Sandeep Patil is supposedly Mr. Ego and the rest? well they are just foreigners!!! Wow !!!

What next, Indian Cricket???


Cuckoo said...

Yes, a good move on Chappell's part but the scenario is going to suck now.

I still think there is much more than what our eyes are seeing at present with Sachin bursting out.

As far as captain's position.. well, all 3 of them-Sachin, Saurav & Rahul are 32+ and even if one of them becomes captain, it won't be for too long. India needs to think about future. Also, as a captain Sachin was a failure with bat & he himself had said that it affects his game. I don’t want to see him only as a captain.

So, the pointer goes back to Saurav who must be more than willing to grab it back to avenge the humiliation he had faced.

But to me, none of them is for long term.. not even for next 2 years. Also, except Ganguly, other two are not so aggressive captains.

Regarding coach.. hmmm… none of the Indians but yes I can see the possibility of Wright’s return. Even he was not too happy the way Indian cricket functions. And during the game we should not become emotional but professional. Let us keep our emotions & Indian culture out of the game.

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Hi Cuckoo,

I agree with you that all the 3 are old wood now.

In my view, what is required is a non-political way to run the game in the country.

None of the 3 wants to leave the game, and BCCI will be treading on sticky waters if they try to touch them. If Pawar removes Tendulkar, Shiv Sena will truly make it a political issue which will be too hot for Pawar to handle!!!
It is plain and obvious that Sachin cannot be touched. Ditto for Ganguly as Bengal, CPPI, Congress nexus has an impact on Maharashtra politics. Dravid really deserves to be sacked only as a captain, but needs to stay in the team and there is no real reason why he should go.
However, I think that the way Sachin is making noises now, he would take up captaincy or else, it would go to Sourav.

About Wright, I doubt that after Woolnmer's death any foreigner will be willing to take up India / Pak's coaching. I think Wright has seen enough to do it again. If I were wright, I would not have taken it up again!
Dave Whatmore seems interested - but I think BCCI is a different ball game all together.
I think the only way ahead is to really professionalize this game and the body that runs it in India

Cuckoo said...

Yes, it's a shame for this country to weigh the game with other parameters. The politics is too strong to be out of anything.

By saying about Wright, I meant that board may consider him.. its another thing that he won't accept it. :)

Anyway, today's papers say that dravid is retained as a captain & coach's job ?
No comments. :)))))))))))))

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Yeah, it was wrong to even expect that something dramatically good may happen to Indian cricket - presence of too many people having too many vested interests.....