Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hosts Are Out!

Well, almost!

The fortune of WI depends on SA losing both the remaining matches of Super 8's and it is not likely to happen under normal circumstances.

It means that this world cup has ended as nothing much but a damp squib for WI.

The Gayle-storm never visited the islands, Lara almost never showed his class, Sarwan did not peak till this game, Chanderpaul was sluggish, and Samuels remained a shadow of Lara yet again. The Dwaynes were inconsistent as well. And that Darren Powell was the top wicket taker for them, speaks volumes for itself.

There were some glimpses of spirit and talent, but they were too few and too far.

West Indian cricket is on the way to becoming Indian Hockey .

Another great disappointment of WC 2007!

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