Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pot Calling The Kettle Black!

The enquiry commission set up by PCB for the WC debacle, has slammed the good-old-Inzy for WC debacle and called him as a dictator in his days!

""Inzamam's attitude was haughty and that of a dictator and more than one incident proved that," Ijaz Butt, head of the committee, told AFP. "Inzamam should have been removed from the captaincy. As a player he was world-class but his attitude was haughty during and before the tournament."

So what is it that you are saying, PCB? Are you saying that "Dictators are not good people or good leaders?"

I wonder what a certain Mr. Musharraf has to say on this, and, doesn't he also head the PCB? just overstepped there, didn't ya?

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