Monday, June 11, 2007

News Around The World During My Small Sabbatical!

While I was on my home-coming hiatus- a lot of things hapenned in the world of cricket and here is my belated take on them:
1) Kevin Pieterson : KP has stomped his feet to show his genes of a Royal Bengal Tiger, a real one. To me, he is a superior version of "Yuvraj Singh in full flow".

2) Dhoni : Back again on domestic pitches! Yawn...

3) Cook : Consecutive and impressive centuries - A Tiger in his own den or will he be here for good?

4) Afro-Asia cup - A wate of resources, time and money.

5) SRT won another man of the tournament - I am not impressed, though. We all know that he has years of cricket left in him - the question is how will he like to play it? Like an old man, or like a young Jayasuriya at 38?

6) West Indies are back to where they truly belong as of now minus Lara - in a rut. This is a challenge for them to be back where they once belonged - unfortunately, no one is puttign the hand up to take them there - only plus has been debutant Sammy's amazingly impressive 7 wicket haul. The question that will be answered tomorrow will be "Can Chanderpaul's fighting knock help them win a match they so desparately need?" Let's wait and watch the only real cricket being played around the world today!

7) Mohammad Ashraful should be renamed Mohammad Delightful - he is the Andy Flower of the Bangla team.

8) What will it take for Habibul Bashar to retire from playing cricket?

9) Graham Ford is appointed as India coach. I think that there is no better time to take over as India's coach - heck, even I 'd put a hand up to BCCI for the job - things simply cannot get any worse! Seriously, appointing Ford is a good move, captain trusts him (but Ganguly trusted Chappel too before Chappel 'took over', didn't he?), his record asa coach has been good and it is simple truth than you need not be a good player to be a good coach. For those who want to know what a coach can achieve in terms of miracle, please watch 'Coach Carter'! But of course, coaching a team of 'bloated-super-egos and billioniare-superstars' is another ball game all together. Anyways, I give a thumbs up to BCCI for choosing Ford over Embury.

10) Maninder singh is in some crisis - let's leave him alone in his personal life - we have nothing to do with it.

11) On a small non-cricketing aside, Nadal was delightful yesterday - he clearly outplayed the great Federer. Also, the young Lewis Hamilton continues to win hearts and make strides! Alonso this time has a real fight. My favourite driver of last seasons, Kimi, alas, has been down and out this season.

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