Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No, Thanks.

Wow! This feels so goooood!

This is how the story went!

Long time ago, in the land of "MoneyGetsYouEverything"there lived a king named Sharad.

He had a daughter - a princess who went by the name / adjectives of "Beautiful Cute Cuddly and Intelligent" - let's call her BCCI to shorten the long name.

The princess was not only like the adjectives her name went by, but she was also pompous and arrogant. She simply had to have her way as did Sharad.

They decided that she needed to have a new groom - the title to the groom was that of 'The Coach' for some funny reason.

Mind you, this was an era when a mariage lasted maximum 3 years and BCCI had her grooms before and the last marriage she had with the world renowned groom Chappell, left a sore taste in her mouth and she needed a replacement, and a fast one at that.

They started sailing worldwide to find suitors for BCCI. It was an unspoken fact that the suitor who took up the job would be rewarded in huge amount of money.

Bride's important uncle Rahul suggested the name of hitherto unknown 'Graham Ford' saying he is the best of the lot.

BCCI decided to listen to the uncle since it was important in those days for a marriage to succeed that the groom had to get along very well with the bride's uncle.

They had other proposals of well known deserving candidates, some domestic ones who had put up their hands for so long that the hand now looked longer than their entire height!

But King Sharad and BCCI decided that she would marry Ford.

They announced the wedding in a worldwide media campaign.

Uncle Rahul was very happy.
BCCI was happy.
Sharad was delighted with the match.

And then, the bomb dropped on them.

Graham Ford simply said "No, thank you."

(I imagine that there was so much egg on the face of King Sharad that he asked the responsible Rahul to clean it up personally. )

The story ends here.

I am happy that someone gave it back to King and BCCI like never before.


Sanjeev said...


In your earlier blog you said there was no better time for taking over as India's coach and now this. Now this story about a princess, bride and the uncle does not gel. Suggest you make this space more thought provoking rather than just a place to publish your reactions. For e.g. The issue here is are these politicians and their cronies qualified to run a 2 billion dollar company that the BCCI has become? What has come to pass should surprise no one. Sharad Pawar is too thick skinned to let this affect him and for now at least Cong(I) and NCP and the communists will continue to screw up everything that is good in this country.... till such time they get relaced by the second front ...or maybe the third that Amar Singh is cooking up...just like the road repairs in Mumbai, the airport in Bangalore, the SEZ in Bengal, the reservations in Rajasthan.this no longer is just ChenduFali...it is politics...

Ranjeet said...

Thanks for your comment. WHen I said that there is no better time to take up the job as a coach for BCCI, I meant the same what you have detailed in your mail - the whole system is in such a bad shape that no one can screw it up any more - so anyone who takes up the job cannot do any worse.
This story, though, is a light-humoured take on the serious affairs of a murky business that is also called as 'cricket' in this country.

Cuckoo said...

NIce story there Ranjeet. Never heard of this Ford before.

BTW, Glad to see you back in action. How are you doing? And where are you now?

Ranjeet said...

Hi Cuckoo, Thanks. I am back in Mumbai - busy with more work and less active here!