Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2nd ODI - Sachin rewinds to 1998!

What a super knock from Sachin in the 2nd ODI!!!

It was vintage Sachin all the way with confident drives, dancing down the pitch with lofted shots and sheer aggression. It was a rewind to 1998 where we held him in highest esteem, respect, awe and reverence. Even the way he was given out was similar to how he was given out in his desert storm of 1998 against Aussies at Sharjah.

Also the way Dravid hit 92* was absolutely refreshing!

These knocks tell us that these seniors are (STILL) capable of batting this way - it is only a pity that they themselves often seem to forget this fact.


Amit said...

"These knocks tell us that these seniors are capable of batting this way " - I guess the real question here would be how long we want the seniors to be playing the way they did and how long before the newer crop steps up.
Team India is going nowhere without grooming young blood. Agreed there's players like Karthik and Chawla around, but there's still a lot left to be desired.

Ranjeet said...

Hi Amit,

Yes, the bench strength of newer crop is the real worry for India. I do not believe that it is due to lack of real talent, but due to the way selections happen. Well, let me not get into it as the travails of Indian Cricket deserve a separate long post. Regarding seniors, I think we need to learn a lot from Cricket Australia on handling seniors and their phasing out.