Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First ODI - England Crush India

England clinically demolished India in the first ODI yesterday. It was a super performance from the English Team.

I was glad to see my favourite English batsman - Alaister Cook crush the pedestrian Indian bowlers all around the ground with the man in form - Ian Bell. If the Indian bowling was mediocre at best, the lesser said about yesterday's batting, fielding and running between the wickets performance, the better.

It was spineless and pathetic, and not one batsman showed the stomach to fight it out except Dravid and Karthik.

The signs were there for all to see, a run out in the initial overs is as suicidal as it can get. A run out of a man in form (by Monty of all the people) is worse for the morale of a team. Sachin getting out caught at short midwicket (yet again) is also indicative of throwing away wicket and not applying one's mind. English bowlers bowled well and Anderson has been particularly terrific this season to deserve his best haul so far in international cricket.

Round 1 goes to England, whom the media surprisingly has called underdogs for this series.
I hope that the media will acknowledge the more superior team out of the at two least now .
With Cook and Bell in sublime form, KP being KP and Flintoff back in the team, Indians should open their eyes and look at saving the series.

For India, was it a matter of continuing what they left off at the World Cup, or just a bad day at office? Let us wait and watch. One thing is sure - England were home handsomely and deservedly so.

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