Friday, August 31, 2007

4th ODI - Terrific match

The fourth ODI was an exhibition of some terrific competitive cricket played by both in the second half. The team which kept its nerves eventually won, and rightly so.

The first half was absolutely un-inspiring and insipid cricket played by Indians - makes me wonder why do they bat like tests in ODIs? In an era where 300 is a normal score and not an impossible one, every team that bats first must attempt to bat to go higher than 300. No approach taken by any Indian batsman met this objective. Highly defensive is the only way to bat when you are batting in a fourth innings of a test match you are trying to save, not when you decide to bat first in an ODI!

After the pathetic display of what some would call as batting, Indian bowlers turned the table and had England reeling at 103/7 in an inspired burst by seamers, led by the one and only -
Ajit once-a-year Agarkar. His special spell has earned him the next couple of matches in the tournament and that, is what matters to these guys, looks like.

It was a nice thriller towards the end of the match though with both sides trying to give their best.

Broad and Bopara were awesome and so was Collingwood in the match yesterday. England sure look like the deserved winners of this trophy.

I wonder which jelly-bean will it take now to inspire the Indians!

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